Neal and Kathy Yates

The East Coast continues to gain steam in NASOC as Connecticut residents Neal and Kathy Yates join the Club.

Neal and Kathy acquired their '53 4AD Roadster #4AD2830W in 1995 while looking for a Morris Minor convertible. It was red, RHD suffering some of the ravages of time, including a cracked engine block.

In February 1998, they shipped the car off to Trevor Cornelius in the UK for evaluation and possible sale. It wasn't until the fall of 2002 that they decided to have Trevor strip it down to the frame and re-build it. He switched it to LHD and sprayed it in Old English Crème with 1953 Jaguar burgundy fenders, leather interior and tonneau.

Three weeks ago, the car arrived, and the crate was opened to 20 or so friends and car nuts, aided by a bit of champagne, pizza and beer.

Neal and Kathy also own a 1958 Gazelle Series III convertible serial #A 7909977 LXC which they purchased in 1996. It was resprayed a few years ago in its original Pippin Red and Foam White with a new white top. It has approximately 36,000 miles and was sold new in Connecticut. The history of this car appeared in the SOC club magazine several issues ago.