Peter McKercher

This 1934 Sports Nine has been in Peter's possession since approximately 1972. It was purchased as a parts car in London England, along with a running '33 Sports (registered MJ 2872). The latter was sold shortly after and currently resides in storage at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa.

The car was a complete basket case and when purchased, was largely dismantled in every respect. Fortunately, all of the important serial numbered parts were present, along with most of the original upholstery pieces, guages, fascia equipment and other key proprietary parts.

Since 1990, BMD 211, as it was originally registered, has undergone a complete ground up restoration. All of the ash coachwork has been replaced and the original aluminum skin was refitted after having been welded in all the critical places. New front and rear wings were courtesy of the Hardwick Emporium of Impossible Parts. Other additional bits proprietary to Singer and not available through Dave were machined courtesy of Gary's Custom Cycle in Ottawa, where all chrome work was done.

BMD 211 was originaly delivered from the factory on March 31st, 1934 to the Spikins Ltd dealership in Twickenham. The original colours were ivory with red upholstery, Signal Red wings and wheels.

The new colours retain the antique ivory body. The wheels are ivory and the wings have been changed slightly from the original Signal Red to a candy apple red with matching upholstery.

Also pictured is one of Peter's three other Nines. This too is a 1934 Nine Sports looking resplendent on display at Place Bell Canada in Ottawa, Ontario.

As part of the original British Invasion, this car was brought to the U.S. in the late forties by a U.S. Army Colonel returning from active duty after WW ll. It spent its early days in Austin, Texas, before making its way to North Carolina. The car was purchased in 1962 by Peter's father and has been in storage ever since. It represents an excellent example of a very original Nine Sports.

The car was delivered from the factory on January 27, 1934 to the Cook and Palmer dealership in London where it was to be sold to its first owner, Florence Margaret Towner. The original colours were blue on blue.

Peter also has a 1933 helmet fendered Sports and a 1934 Le Mans under restoration, as well as a 1954 SM 1500 Roadster.

Peter is the Registrar for the Canadian Singer Registry