Mike Rambour

Mike continues to do what he does best - further the Singer cause in North America. Last year he purchased a rather derelict Le Mans and commenced the process of turning a sows ear into a silk purse. I suspect that the job is more than Mike counted on, but being the intrepid Singerphile that he is, he has taken on the My 34 Le Mans the first I saw itjob with great gusto and is , as usual, doing first rate work.

The Le Mans, as found, looked rough. Further close inspection post purchase confirmed this and more. Obstacles have included many non original parts, a cracked frame and worse, an engine that is probably not salvageable. Nonetheless, Mike has forged ahead and according to the accounts of those that have seen his progress, is doing an exceptional job of bringing the Le Mans back to its former glorious self. God bless him.

Not content with the challenges at hand, Mike has made a new acquisition. But first, a little background. Last summer at the British Car show in Los Angeles, he was showing his 53 4AD and a gentleman walked up with a cardboard sign around his neck saying "1934 Singer Le Mans for sale". Having just purchased a Le Mans, Mike simply put on his presidential ears and listened empathetically.; that is, until the gentleman mentioned something about six cylinders.

Mike was obviously in denial, because he actually waited about a month before he went to see the car to confirm its existence. Sure enough, it was a 1 ½ litre, although not a Le Mans, but a four seater. Still, a damn nice car by any standards and probably the only one of its kind on the continent.

Mike's thoughts were somewhat garbled at this point. He reasoned " it would be nice to have, but I would prefer to keep the money for my Le Mans". His wife, however, had other plans and she twisted his arm to make an offer (that's his story and he's sticking to it).

The offer was not immediately accepted, as a few other folks got wind of the car's existence. Nonetheless, about 6 months later, the fellow called and did the deal with Mike's wife (very cool), and voila - a new Singer in the driveway.

Mike claims its one of the most complete and original non-restored 34 Singers left and judging from the first round of pictures that would appear to be the case. The car was last on the road in 1968 and apparently running quite well at that time. It was parked due to brake problems - ahh. A little brake work, some elbow grease, spit and polish and we're gong to see something amazing.

My 53 4AD Mike claims this acquisition has killed his Le Mans budget and progress on it will be delayed by about a year. Somehow I suspect not because his wife has already made plans for the 1 ½ litre that don't include Mike behind the wheel - well maybe if he's extra nice.

And as a reward to the 4AD for introducing Mike to the new family member, we 're going to continue to include its picture in the showcase. Congratulations once again Mike.