The SMX Roadster

Singer Motors made automotive history by being the first British manufacturer to announce a production model with a body shell constructed entirely of plastic.

Known as the SMX, the new car was essentially a re-bodied SM 1500 Roadster, with the only other changes being the fitting of a larger, 10 gallon gas tank and 5.50 X 15 tires as opposed to the SM's 5.00 X 16. The larger section tires were fitted to provide a slightly better ride.

The main body shell was comprised of two sections. The entire front from the scuttle forward, was a single unit, hinged to the front cross member so that it could be raised to give easy access to the engine.The second piece was the rear, which extended backwards from the trailing edge of the doors and curved over the rear wheels, incorporating fared rear fenders, the rear deck, the luggage and spare wheel comparments. The car was a full four seater, with twin front bucket seats and a bench-type rear seat. A forward tilting rear squab provided access to the rear luggage compartment.

Although Singer was the first to announce a plastic production model, they were reluctant to actually show it, when it became evident that they couldn't produce quality fibreglass body panels. Accordingly, they commissioned the tooling of steel alternatives. When it became evident that retooling would be prohibitively expensive, the SMX died forever. Only four SMX Roadsters were ever built.