Technical Specifications for the
Nine Le Mans Replica

Four cylinder, 60 mm. by 86 mm. = 972 c.c.
Treasury rating, 8.93 h.p.; tax 9 pounds
Valves operated by chain driven overhead camshaft
Alloy pistons
Vertical magneto
Twin S.U. horizontal carburators
Thermo-syphon cooling
Vibro damping engine mountings

Gearbox and Transmission
Four speeds with ratios 4.77, 5.36, 7.15 and 10.25 to 1
Silent second and third gears
Remote control shift lever
Single dry plate, solid centre, heavy duty clutch
Open propeller shaft with Hardy Spicer mechanical universal joints
Semi-floating bevel driven rear axle with spur gear differential

Wheels and Brakes
18 inch Rudge-Whitworth knock on wheels
4.50 X 18 inch tires
Four wheel Lockheed hydraulic brakes, 10 inch drums

12 volt lighting and starting system
Wheelbase 7 ft. 7 ins.

Chassis only - 425 pounds. Complete - 525 pounds