The 9 h.p. Le Mans Replica

The Nine Replica was a supertuned edition of the nine horsepower Speed two seater and was an exact replica of the works car which ran in the 1935 race over the famous Sarthe circuit at Le Mans. Representing the culmination of several years of successful racing, it demonstrated what could be done when Singer’s competition department was allowed a free hand in modifying a production model for racing. It was catalogued in 1935, to comply with racing regulations, and offered to the public as a chassis only for 425 pounds, or as a complete car for 525 pounds.

Although the car was undoubtedly a thoroughbred, it wasn’t to be produced as a racing car purely and simply, but as a super sports car available to the hardcore enthusiast for whom price was not a deterrent. However, of the 4 replicas that were ever built, none actually passed into private hands until the 1939 racing season, after having run at Brooklands, the Donnington and Ulster Tourist Trophies and of course, Le Mans.

The car was highly tuned with a compression ratio of 10:1 and extremely lightweight, as a result of the extensive use of light alloys throughout. At 11 ½ cwt in T.T. trim, it weighed 425 pounds lighter than the standard two seater. The combination of reduced weight, altered gear ratios and tweaked engine was reflected in the performance of the car, which was spectacular indeed for its time. In 2nd gear, the car was capable of 62 m.p.h. Third gear permitted speeds of up to 80 m.p.h. and in fourth, the car was capable of well over 90 m.p.h.

In their first time out, the Replicas swept up the L.C.C. Relay Race at Brooklands, averaging 85.13 m.p.h. That was followed by a win at Le Mans in the 1 Litre class and second place in the Rudge cup. Then in the 1935 Ards Tourist Trophy, three of the four cars entered were involved in a series of spectacular crashes at exactly the same spot on the circuit. The accidents were caused by breakage of the transverse steering drag links that had been substituted at the last moment at the request of Race officials.