The 4AE Roadster

Unofficially dubbed the 4AE by Ashley Crossland, Roadster historian for the S.O.C., this was probably the last kick at the can for the 4AD.

The Autocar made a brief reference to this one-of-a-kind roadster in its coverage of the 1955 Motor Show writing "As well as the Saloon models, the open four seater Roadster continues to draw its share of attention. For 1956, it has a restyled front and detail modifications."

This last Roadster had chassis number 4AD3440Z and was licensed on October 13, 1955 registered as SOK 692. It had the usual aluminum over wood body construction, the rear of which was styled as a standard 4AD. However, the doors, front wings, bonnet and grill were modified, with the headlights fared into the wings. The wing line itself tapered back to the rear edge of the door, producing a car that resembled the C-Type Jaguar.

The car was very much a prototype, as the modified bodywork was not screwed or bolted together, but partly rivetted and partly welded.. In addition, there was no way that the engine could have been removed without first removing the body. The original owner also confirmed that this was the way the car was received from the dealership.

Unfortunately, this car no longer exists, having been dismantled and scrapped.