Technical Specifications for the
Le Mans 1.5 Litre and Special Speed

Six cylinder, 59 mm. by 91 mm. = 1493 c.c.
Treasury rating, 12.95 h.p.; tax 13 pounds
Valves operated by chain driven overhead camshaft
Alloy pistons
Le Mans Coil / Speed Magneto
Triple S.U. horizontal
Fan assisted cooling
Vibro damping engine mountings

Gearbox and Transmission
Lemans - Four speeds 4.44, 5.64, 9.08 and 17.7 to 1and 24:1 reverse
Speed - Four speeds 5.0, 6.35, 10.24 and 18.6 to 1and 25.25:1 reverse
Silent second and third gears
Remote control shift lever
Single dry plate clutch
Open propeller shaft with Hardy Spicer mechanical universal joints
Spiral bevel rear axle

Wheels and Brakes
18 inch Rudge-Whitworth knock on wheels
4.75 X 18 inch tires
Four wheel Lockheed hydraulic brakes, 13 inch drums

12 volt lighting and starting system
Wheelbase 7 ft. 8 ins. with 6.5 inch ground clearance

Le mans 285 pounds / Speed 595 pounds