Singer Web Sites

Virtually anything you wanted to know about Singer cars can be found at these sites. Each appropriately has a somewhat different focus and of course reflects its own respective regional interests. Click on the image to connect.

the North American Singer Owners Club The Canadian Singer Registry
The Singer Owners Club - UK ASCO's web site

Other interesting places on the net

Jan and Wouter, very nice pictures of a very nice car.

The Rootes page on Team.Net, if you don't know about Team.Net and you are interested in all makes of British cars, you need to go there.

The Morgan factory page

Moss Motors

Dino Spider ok, its not Singer related but this is one FIAT you have to read about.

This is my new toy, its just here to get search engine results for now.

Ferrari 360 I love this thing, its a 99 Ferrari 360 Modena, I got it just in case the Mayans are right and its the end of the world, I figured I better get it now :)

Forno Classico and BrickOvenStore are really the same place but they build GREAT pizza ovens, if you are into that, you can see that I am at Fire Wood Pizza