The North American Singer Owners Club is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Singer automobiles

If you own a Singer or would like to own one of these outstanding British cars, this site is the place to browse.

The content on this site is devoted to providing in depth technical and descriptive information pertaining to a wide range of Singer cars from the 1920's to the 1950's. Much historical information is also provided to place Singers in their appropriate competitive and market context. From a Singer 9hp, Le Mans, Sports, 1.5 Litre, 4A to 4AD Roadster and all the models between, we have information on them all.The Singer 4AD being the most common Singer car in the U.S. we have quite a lot of information on restoring and of course driving these cars. However, lets not forget the pre-war Singer's of which there are several examples in the U.S. as well.

You will find the Singer Bulletin Board to be an invaluable forum for meeting other Singer owners, exchanging points of view, getting restoration tips and locating parts. The board is used by Singer owners and experts world wide, so questions or view points are responded to often within minutes of being posted. And you really should take a look at our Singer gallery, its FULL of pictures of lots of cars, the gallery can help you identify your model, it can show what they look like when apart and when together. We try to have good detail pictures to help your restoration.

Stowe 2013

Stowe is NASOC's party time, Sep. 20-22 and we expect to see you there.

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